The Flooring Contractor You Can Count on for a Kitchen and Bathroom Tile Installation Project!

Do you want to install tiles for the floors of your bathroom and the kitchen of your house? Or the entire floor of your kitchen area? If you do choose tiles for these rooms, you might want to hire a company like SJ and K Flooring that has experience in bathroom tile installation. We can install tiles for the kitchen and the bathroom in your house in Cincinnati, OH.

Why Install Tiles?

There are many reasons why tiles are a great flooring option. To begin, tiles are strong and unlikely to be broken unless you actively try to do so. Plus, they can withstand some moisture, so they’re great for damp environments like kitchens and bathrooms. In addition, tiles are made to fit the contours of the walls, making the entire space look uniform and well-planned. This makes the bathroom or kitchen look more put together. If you’re thinking about tiling these spaces, do yourself a favor and hire the experts at a company like ours.

We Can Install Tiles!

Detailed instructions are followed by our tile installers when working on a kitchen or bathroom to guarantee a flawless finish. Before we install the new tiled floors, we’ll take up the old so there are no surprises. We will then prepare the floor’s foundation, leveling and smoothing it out so that the tiles can be set without issue. Once all the grout is dry, we’ll begin laying tiles, making sure they’re all firmly adhered to the floor. In order to have your tile installed properly, please contact us.

SJ and K Flooring is the bathroom tile installation expert you can count on to handle the installation of tiles to the floors of your kitchen and bathroom. Do you want the floors of the kitchen area and the bathroom in your house in Cincinnati, OH to be made up of tiles? Give us a call at (513) 547-4628 today, so we can start with the installation work right away!